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The first thing I did was allow my eyes to adjust to the sun that was peaking through the curtains. I was in the military for years and in our younger days we would have friends over at the house wh The cum shots are fantastic.

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The situation had become familiar, painfully so. Every fucking inch of him," Wendy cried in excitement. Make that pretty pussy cum for me.

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Really look at them. Anna stared at my dickie, evidently enthralled. My clever daughter, Anna, tells me that my grand-daughter's started sucking off her daddy, too, so it probably won't be long until Keiko tries having two cocks in her pretty mouth at the same time, her father's and her grandfather's. Wow, imagine a girl that age taking a vigorous dogfuck and loving it, really loving it! Our hero is caught with something really incriminating on his computer hard disc by one of a sort of gang, a boy who works part-time in a computer store. Look, it's growing now! Jim spoke quietly and urgently. This story is protected by international copyright law, all rights not expressly waived are reserved by its author. I was in such a state of nervous anxiety that the feeling her mouth bestowed was enough to make me almost scream aloud! Best of all is that my lovely daughter is teaching my grand-daughter how to suck cocks, starting with mine. Anna looked thoughtful and then brightened immediately. His cock was erect all right, but his slender body was quite hairless; he was certainly no older than ten or eleven, at a guess. So there we all are in the oh-so-law-abiding Surrey commuter belt. Jim pulled the prints from a brown folder. All for a few images on a computer hard disc. She glanced down at my lap and giggled.

Visit other sites we support at. And what we'll do is this You'll suck some cock, too. Then I opened the briefcase and brought out the envelope containing the list of DVDs Jim had given me and passed it to Anna. A teenage girl was crouched awkwardly beside her, a liquid like milk squirting from her anus and spattering the girl lying on the floor.

One has to sign for a formal police caution in Britain and in effect it's as good as a court conviction. I knew them all by heart, of course. You'll get your laptop back safe and sound once we've had our fun. A girl of nine or ten or eleven, apparently naked, was being mounted by a dog like a Husky or Samoyed.

I mean, I want to know what's expected of me. Nobody's going to get hurt! I'll never forget that weekend as long as I live and neither will my daughter. Or didn't you know that? I mean a bi-girl, really. She's practically still a child! Do you understand, darling?

God, what a filthy and beautifully exciting photo! Hold it in your hand. I was subsequently blackmailed and I became a sex slave for a long weekend. You'd be bloody lucky to get away with a formal police caution on the strength of these and I'm sure you know what a caution means, don't you?

They live a few miles away; I see both of them whenever I can and when Anna's husband's not around we make love, just like we have ever since that memorable and quite unforgettable weekend so many years ago. Being caught like that is what more-or-less what befell poor bloody Gary Glitter and led to his disgrace and downfall. Little Keiko's soft lips and agile tongue are an utter delight and she simply adores the taste of my cock and my spunk; she's probably the most accomplished two-year-old fellatrice in the country.

That's what I mean. Anna's in her twenties and married with a Japanese husband now, with a daughter of her own. I mean, can you imagine what a total and absolute fool I felt when the kid from the computer shop showed me the grainy printouts of the incriminating pictures he'd found on my laptop? This was the list she read aloud:

The sprawled girl was apparently being energetically fucked by a boy of her own age. I could have died of a bloody heart attack. Like me, she's a fast reader. Anna Can Do It By: Ada Nabakova Can you imagine it? Poor little Anna, a girl who hardly even knew anything about sex was going to be made a sex slave to save her dad from exposure, disgrace and ruin. Show some of them to Anna and she'll soon be in the mood! There were two other prints, both fairly tame by comparison with the others, but both of them probably sufficient to secure a conviction by any bench of magistrates. Your wife's away this weekend again, isn't she? Jim, the boy from the computer shop, sat facing me in a quiet room of a pub across the road from the computer shop. Or a High Court judge? I will never, ever, ever tell Mummy or anyone. That's how we became lovers, of course. It's got to be a secret between us and these new friends our. So did my eleven-year-old daughter, Anna. Anna read through the list in a stunned and absorbed silence. Well, not really a gang. I was struck dumb. I can call you Bob, can't I, Bob? After introductions, Hussam grinned at me. I went to the garage and took a battered briefcase from its place of concealment. A caution for having child pornography gets into the tabloid newspapers and one is put on the Sex Offenders' Register for life. Louise had kissed us goodbye and left an hour before. I mean, really pervy sex? You could write it as a black comedy short story, couldn't you? My eyes barely focusing, I looked at the third print. Well, you're a big girl now and it's time you learned about, well, about what women and girls have and what men and boys have and what they're for. We're coming round with a few friends - mates, like. All those poor little sperms swimming around in semen. I was semi-hard already. The boy with him, the boy actively playing with both cocks, was younger. Another man joined us, a stocky young Turkish Cypriot called Hussam. When you wish the earth could open and swallow you whole? We all know about the superannuated rock star Gary Glitter, don't we? Christ, that's bloody lovely! Well, I realise that I was luckier, a lot luckier. An American man, someone whom I knew only from the internet, had e-mailed me a few images as a favor. No genitals were visible, but there was no possible doubt how the print would be interpreted if it were to fall into the wrong hands. We'll bring a lezzie girl with us. Not a gang, exactly. One picture was of two young boys naked, their cocks undeniably stiff. Then we'll take turns fucking your pretty little daughter as well and you'll lick her cunt clean and fuck her tight little twat right in front of us, too. Her name's Anna, right? Do you have any really filthy pornography I can look at? They knew that Louise was going to be away completing the last few pages of her dissertation and I was going to be home alone with Anna. The next print was of a small-breasted girl in her teens, probably her early teens, lying on a floor, her body smeared with poo or something chosen to look like poo, maybe toffee or chocolate ice cream. What do you think the coppers would make of these prints if they saw them? You know that feeling, don't you? Jim and Hussam told me what they had in mind and I eventually got into the spirit of the thing and contributed a few ideas of my own. One boy was possibly fifteen or sixteen, but more probably no more than fourteen, judging from the modest tuft of hair above his cock. Wendy will make your sweet little daughter orgasm like you'd never believe, you'll bloody see, mate! Sort of like salty onion soup. I'll be doing it and so will you. There could be no doubt of what police officers or magistrates or judges would make of these photos. Or a bench of magistrates? The feeling was too exquisite to describe and, astonishingly, Anna swallowed every drop.
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