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Okinawa Tropical Fruits says WA 11th December My even bigger concern though is with my other BIG tree that I will discuss in my next post.

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This is something I have copied out of one site: Its only problem is the fruit. There is a big lush one in the centre of the yard that, historically produces much less fruit than the other which is half its size, but in a garden bed next to a fence with neighbouring native trees on the other side. I had a similar problem with some seedlings. Brendan has told me that Bunnings have a wetting agent but I couldn't find it in the one here. Hi michael - let's see what others say..

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Forum: Mango Tree Disease

Don't know if they still do have an ex-mangoe grower friend from there too! When pruned there is a brown discolouration in the affected branches. Jeff - your tree looks burnt on one side? Head down to your local agricultural store to see if they can recommend a treatment for you. Hi Vicki and Jeff - I hope your problem is not the same as mine - what kind of water are u irrigating with? They used to flood irrigate in Carnarvon! Any help will be greatly appreciated. There is quite a bit of sodium thus: These two cause tip burn on leaves that progresses to the margins and eventually death n drop of the leaves. I have been giving my 3 KP's a good soaking as I still don't think they are getting enuf' water. None of the other trees are affected like this. I'd love to b able to compare - and I have seen this on someone elses tree in Grenough too. I will ask agronomist too Jeff - I have posted your photo to him too Maybe we could ask Speedy too. Vicki Pictures - Click to enlarge Picture: Hi Vicki - well that kind of blows my theory!! When I say "salt" - this can also be fertiliser salts. We even took the reading up to Carnarvon, to get a mango grower friend have a look, he just wished his soil was as good as ours. WA 2nd August PS Vicki - your water is same as mine now.. Landmark referred me to an agronomist in Perth who specialises in Horticulture for interpretation of the results CSBP test I am waiting for his input. We also spray for anthracnose, at the moment we do this every 3 weeks. Will take some photo's later today. Pictures - Click to enlarge Picture: Jeff, we have a couple of hundred KP's planted in 4 different patches, with 4 different soil types. And as for a pattern there is not one, there can be a crap tree and next to it can be 4 good ones and other way round. It's a long shot but maybe the guys on the right are 'missing out' due to levels dropping. I have divined the water running under our block and it's quite obvious where it is and isn't easy to do yourself I do wonder tho' if the ground water is suffering with this drought - it can make all the difference to the survival of some trees. Got heaps of fruit off it but looks very sick see photos. Rains will flush the soil and gypsum helps. A dis-ease in any living thing is just that Mangoes are generally quite hardy. It starts on the oldest leaves and progresses to young ones eventually if bad enough. At first we thought it was chemical burn, but no body is spraying around us. BUT growing them in a location where they will be at-ease is very important. About the Author amanda19 Geraldton. WA 2nd August 7: Aaron was the agronomist that came and visited us, he actually told us it was salt, but there was little salt around per million grains in the water, and then why are they the only ones suffering if you look 20 ft away the trees are going mad,the pic taken is if you look to the right are the sick trees and to the left are as healthy as any thing, same water same fertiliser. My studies on this have turned up deficiencies of magnesium or potassium in the main, with calcium a second option. We had previously mulched the trees, it is just about disolved at the moment. I recently had the scheme water tested and it's full of chloride. The chain saw will be sharpened up if they don't start improving. When did u fert last? Kath, do you know of a good agricultural store in sydney?? So has us stumped Pictures - Click to enlarge Picture: Yea - see what u mean Vicki! Our trees are from 10 - 12 years old. Stay in touch won't u - we may be able to get to the bottom of it - and it would b helpful for others. I have same problem on mangoes n a few others.

Bruce Ramsay starts with I have an large Kensington Pride mango tree, approx. One patch look just the same as your pictures. Perhaps my trees are getting a double-whammy!? Perhaps with the extra dry conditions it would be preferable to fert little and often, and water well. And it showed nothing. About the Author John13 Sydney 15th March 9: About the Author ashfield sydney 8th October View All 's Edible Fruit Trees.

Also have lots of dead branches in the tree. I'm thinking of a temporary fertiliser "salts" not NaCl build up combined with inadequate water that may have caused a reverse-osmosis ie: I have been wondering tho' about something Speedy mentioned about watering thru' the rain initially as salt gets washed back into the root zone by the rain causing this kind of damage.

Have u put anything else on them at all? About the Author Kath Cawongla 15th February I have the exact same problem, the leaves turn brown and die off with the branch rotting with what seems to be the bark getting stripped down to teh core. We have also thought wind, they only get the southerly, today is blowing easterly, and the trees that get hammered with the easterly aren't affected.

I've been cutting off branches as soon as it appears but does not seem to stop the disease. As we are so close - we may b having the same problem - are u able to post a photo? It sounds like anthracnose or black spot, this diseases in the mangos will be a real problem this year because of all the wet weather.

In the just competed season I have had a reasonable crop of fruit however ther appears to be a disease causing the leaves to drop and the tips of new branches to die back. WA 2nd August 3: Me again, ok have done some pics, the salt content in the soil was minimal, we don't over fertilise, and when we do we don't give them heaps at once, we gradually do it.

It is good talking to some one close by, who understands the wind, water and soil of this area. It's worth getting your water checked ours above WHO recommendations on a few things - I have complained to water corp - they "looking into it" About the Author amanda19 Geraldton.

We have soil and leaf analysis done and no one can tell us what we are doing wrong, did you find out how to fix yours. My Mango tree also has Anthracnose but I have the chainsaw ready to make it within reach. My soil test showed chloride levels that I am waiting for an agronomist to explain - who did your soil test?

When I have phone ag dept ususally get told to phone Kununurra who's soil, wind and water probs are nothing like here. Are u close to ocean at all? The idea is to flush it away into the subsoil. I know there has been problems with this in Northampton and my area too. Last summer we gave them plenty of water and they improved, but with winter rains, stopped watering, put them on for about 4 hours yesterday.

There must be an answer to all of this!? About the Author ashfield 8th October Has anybody worked out how to spray a 12m high tree and how much Mangozeb it's going to take to do it 6 times. Amanda, we have our own bore and aren't on scheme water, salt was the first thing we looked into, there is practically no salt in the water. Not getting enough water is the only thing we can think off, but as you know we have had heaps of rain recently.

And we are right in town, so not getting ocean winds or salt, we fertilise with NPK blue and Urea, we alternate, our friend in Cvon also gave us a bag of what he uses there, but not sure what that is made up off. Even then, such problems will arise Hi, have problem with my mango tree.

Hi Vicki - that's really interesting! You are so lucky to have good bore water! You may want to try a slow trickle on one sick tree - leave overnight a cupla times a week for a few weeks and see what happens to new growth and the presently un-burnt growth.

Warm climate, Northern aspect, good drainage etc etc. I will send your pic down to Aaron Chapman as well. The leaves are going brown and dry at the ends and then continues to die until they fall off. As we are not licensed to sell chemicals I am afraid I am not allowed to recommend a solution for you. And we look at the trees to see whether we think they need fertilising, ie the colour of the tree, pale green rather than dark green. Landmark did the soil and leaf testing. There was a great guy in Cvon but he retired and only does consult work now, but what he didn't know wasn't worth knowing About the Author Vicki4 Northampton WA 2nd August Hi again Vicki - what was the soil salt level on your results?
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